Understanding Checks – #ELHChallenge 245

This understanding check displays the scenario text in a light box and keeps the answer choices on the main slide, accommodating a lengthy scenario without reducing font size. The expanded scenarios can be useful in providing questions that require more context for understanding content, in soft skills training, or in just-in-time job aids. Additionally, the analyze button that displays after the quiz is submitted provides additional feedback to support learners in understanding the rationale for the correct response. This interaction was developed in Storyline 360.

This understanding check provides drop down menus to complete the sentence, requiring learners to understand how two lighting components are used together. With the variety of possible combinations, it is possible to assess multiple types of lighting installations by simply changing the question stem and correct response. This interaction allows unlimited attempts during learning as a formative assessment to solidify understanding, but could be configured to provide only one attempt during a summative assessment. This interaction was developed using freeform questions in Storyline 360.