Using Informational Videos in Training

Informational videos can be used in eLearning to convey information, concepts, or skills to learners. These videos serve as visual and auditory aids by presenting information in a dynamic and engaging format. They help explain complex concepts, demonstrateg procedures, and provide context.

This information video was used to provide an overview of key topics that will be found in the eLearning course. Other uses include explaining concepts, providing insights for experts, presenting a case study, or providing motivational content.

Key Characteristics

  • Clear Content: Informational videos should present content in a clear and concise manner. The information should be well-organized, easy for learners to understand, and align to the course objectives and outcomes.
  • Visual Appeal: Effective use of visuals, such as graphics, charts, animations, onscreen text, or b-roll background video enhance the overall appeal of the video. These elements reinforce key concepts and make the content more engaging.
  • Narration and Voiceovers: Clear and engaging voiceover narration helps maintain learner interest and ensures that the information is conveyed effectively. This may also include "talking head" video of key speakers, such as company or industry experts, customer testimonials, or organizational leaders.
  • Length and Focus: Video length is usually short (less than 5 minutes) to maintain learner engagement. The video should focus on a specific topic or concept and avoid unnecessary details that might distract learners from the main learning objective.