What is Microlearning?

Microlearning involves short, bite-sized learning activities that can be completed in a few minutes or less. These activities are designed to provide learners with targeted information or skills that they can apply immediately. These can stand alone or be used to supplement a more formal training course or program.

Types of microlearning:

  • Interactive Videos:1, 2, 3, 4 deliver microlearning content that is engaging and interactive. These videos can be used to teach specific skills or concepts that help reinforce learning. Interactive videos are particularly effective when you need to demonstrate a process or procedure.
  • Infographics:5, 6 provide visual representations of information to quickly teach a variety of concepts. Infographics are particularly effective when you need to communicate complex data or statistics.
  • Gamification:7, 8 incorporates game-like elements into learning activities, including points, badges, leaderboards, escape rooms, or other interactive games. Gamification can increase engagement and motivation among learners.
  • Quizzes:9, 10 can be used to test learners' knowledge of a particular topic or to reinforce key concepts. They can be used during learning to help a learner understand what they already know and identify any learning gaps, or they can be used at the end of learning to assess understanding of a particular subject.

Microlearning is particularly effective when you need to provide targeted information or skills quickly. For example, if you need to teach employees how to use new features on a software program or if you need to communicate changes to a company policy, microlearning can be an effective way to deliver this information.

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