Is instructor-led training right for you?

Participants in an instructor-led training brainstorming.What are characteristics of Instructor-led training?

Instructor-led training can be delivered in-person (ILT) or virtually (VILT). In order for the training to be effective, the design should account for these key characteristics:

  • Clear and measurable learning objectives: These should be communicated to participants so they know the purpose and outcomes of the training.
  • Relevant and practical: Training activities should use real-world examples and scenarios that are relevant and aligned to the learners' work and experiences. This helps learners apply the concepts they are learning to their daily work.
  • Engaging and interactive: Participants should be engaged and actively involved in the learning process. This can be achieved through case studies, interactive discussions, group activities, and hands-on exercises. This helps to keep learners interested and involved in the training.
  • Well-structured: The training should be well-organized and structured in a logical sequence that is easy to follow.
  • Well-paced: The pace should be appropriate for the participants' backgrounds and abilities, with breaks provided as needed.
  • Expert facilitation: The training should be facilitated by an effective instructor who is an expert in the subject matter, able to communicate clearly and effectively, and skilled in facilitating learning through activities and exercises.
  • Feedback and assessment: Participants should receive frequent and constructive feedback on their performance through assessments or individual feedback from the instructor or peers to help them improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Follow-up: The learning should include followed-up or reinforcement activities, such as eLearning modules or job aids, which help learners apply and reinforce the concepts and skills they learned in the training. This helps to ensure that the training has a lasting impact on learners and contributes to improved performance.