Cost Factors in eLearning

As a provider of eLearning solutions, we understand that you may have questions about the cost of developing eLearning courses. To provide an accurate estimate, we consider different variables that can affect the cost and time to develop each course. Today we will discuss eight variables that impact the cost and development time of asynchronous eLearning.

Factors to consider:

  • Project scope and timeline: Projects with larger scopes, tighter timelines, or increased project management requirements increase the development time and/or cost of the course(s).
  • Interactivity level: Courses with many interactive elements, such as games, simulations, or complex branching scenarios take longer to develop and cost more to produce.
  • Media elements: Courses with many multimedia elements such as audio, animations, interactive graphics, or custom video can enhance the learning experience. However, they also increase the time and cost needed to develop the course.
  • Content complexity: If the course has complex subject matter or if the information received from your SMEs is not comprehensive or complete, it will take more time to conduct research to ensure that the course content is complete and accurate.
  • Number of reviews: Courses may require additional reviews if the content is complex, if incomplete content information is provided, or if critical stakeholders aren't involved from the early stages. Each additional review increases both the course development time and cost.
  • Accessibility: Courses that are accessible to all learners require more time to design, develop and test. It takes additional time and expertise to ensure that all interactions and media are accessible to those using keyboard functions, voice directions, screen readers, and closed captioning. Increased levels of accessibility also require additional QA or testing of the course using assistive technologies.
  • Localization: Courses that need to be localized for multiple languages or regions can add significant development time and cost.
  • Learning management system (LMS): The underlying technology infrastructure can impact development time and cost, especially if the client's LMS requires additional scripts or additional testing.

In conclusion, the variables that affect the cost and time to develop eLearning can vary widely. At Wieser Learning Solutions, our goal is to develop high-quality eLearning courses that meet your needs, budget, and schedule. Contact us today to learn how we can help you identify and balance the variables that impact your project.