Rise Badge

Having already completed the two core badges (eLearning Development and Instructional Design), I started working on the elective badges. I just earned my Articulate Rise badge.

Because this is an elective badge in the program, there were fewer lessons to complete before earning the badge. Instead, it was applying all the instructional design and visual design learning from prior badges, and learning how to develop a course within Rise.

Since I already have several years of experience with Rise, this was not a challenging badge to earn. I also "double-dipped" and submitted the Rise course that I developed in February as part of the ADDIE group, with a few additional refinements.

After submitting my Rise course, I received peer and coach feedback, then had the opportunity to revise what I developed. (I also provided peer feedback to others who were working on their badge at the same time).

The primary focus for this badge was on the development aspects of making a course in Rise, using the different blocks and customizing the look and feel.

You can see the the Predictive Work Scheduling Law course in Rise on my portfolio page.