Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) Badge

I just earned a second elective badge - this one in designing and developing Virtual Instructor-Led Training.

In order to earn this badge, I completed multiple lessons on instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training that focused on instructional design, learner engagement, and the components of creating effective slide decks, facilitator guides, participant guides, and producer guides.  I also provided a critical analysis on several courses and their associated documents (I received the documents that I analyzed). This is an area that I am very comfortable with, since a large portion of my career has been in the design, development, and facilitation of ILT and vILT.

The next step of the credential was to develop the presentation and facilitator guide (including producer notes) for the vILT. We could select any topic. I chose a topic that was similar to one I previously developed on rolling out an organization-wide customer-service initiative. To avoid violating a non-disclosure agreement, I picked a customer-service initiative that was used at a prior organization, rather than the one I had developed into a client training.

After submitting my presentation and guide, I received peer and coach feedback, then had the opportunity to revise what I developed. (I also provided peer feedback to others who were working on their badge at the same time).

While not part of the badge, I also develop a companion ILT that would be similar to the vILT:  Delivering Excetional Customer Service. You can find the course and all associated documents on my portfolio page.