Instructional Design Badge

I just completed my second badge; this one focused on Instructional Design.

In order to earn this badge, I completed multiple lessons on instructional design that focused on learning objectives, outlining the course, organizing content, writing design documents, and storyboarding.  I also provided a critical analysis on several designs (I received the design documents and storyboards that I analyzed).

The next step of the credential was to develop a design document and storyboard for the eLearning module that I developed for the eLearning badge. This was quick because I had already developed the storyboard when I developed the course. I made a few refinements (and then refinements to the final prodect) based on new learning.

After submitting my design document and storyboard, I received peer and coach feedback, then had the opportunity to revise what I developed. (I also provided peer feedback to others who were working on their badge at the same time).

The primary focus for this badge was on the instructional design aspects of making a course that would achieve the business goal, but there was still attention paid to the visual design (contrast, white space, use of fonts) and the technical aspects of the final project.

The final portion of earning the badge was to receive source content, which was provided as 6 pages of text, and then develop the storyboard  Again, this part of the badge was fairly new to me, since I rarely receive source content from others and I don't always need to develop a full storyboard.

While not part of the badge, I also used the design document and storyboard I created as part of the badge to develop the Seven Keys to Effective Hiring course in Rise.

You can find the course, design document, and storyboard on my portfolio page.