Developing Scientific Explanations of Phenomena

This workshop was designed to support the Arizona Science Teachers Association (ASTA) Developing Leaders program. ASTA Ambassadors attended the training of trainers and then replicated the workshop across Arizona. This workshop focused on the science and engineering practice of constructing explanations, with the goal of supporting teachers as they implement this practice in K-12 science classrooms.

I was responsible for the needs analysis, designing and developing all content and resources, delivering the training of trainers, evaluating the effectiveness of the Training-of-Trainers, and evaluating the state-wide impact of the partnership.

Tools Used

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word

Project Documents

Project Features

  • Turn and Talk discussions
  • Knowledge check questions to review main points
  • Small group investigations
  • Small and whole group discussions to reflect on learning
  • Analysis of student work samples
  • Reading assignment and reflection on content