Grant Writing Training

Thumbnail of Grant Writing Training vILT and Captivate eLearning course

The challenge:
Applicants for a competitive grant award were required to participate in a mandatory training designed to ensure that they understood all requirements and restrictions associated with this grant. This was to ensure that only eligible entities applied and that the applications included all required information.

The solution:
I designed a webinar (vILT) that was scheduled at multiple times over a two week period. Because the webinar presenter was also responsible for all production tasks, the facilitator script and presentation notes were embedded in the notes section of the presentation, rather than a separate document.

Not all applicants were able to participate during the scheduled synchronous webinars so an eLearning module using Adobe Captivate was also designed and developed to provide information to applicants who were unable to attend the live webinars.


Tools Used

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Microsoft Word

Project Documents

Project Features

  • Webinar presentation with polls and screen shares of documents
  • eLearning course / SCORM enabled for Blackboard LMS
  • Microsoft Word /PDF documents for RFP, Appendices, and Rubric