eLearning Development Badge

I'm happy to report that I just earned my eLearning Development badge through the Applied Instructional Design Academy.

In order to earn this badge, I completed multiple lessons on visual design, usability, learner engagement, and visual communication. I also provided a critical analysis on several Storyline files that I could find online, pointing out where the design strong and what could be improved. To do this I looked at the portfolios of several eLearning companies.

The next step of the credential was to develop an eLearning module using Storyline. I could either use my own source content or use provided content. Since my of my full-time work involves me designing with my own content, I chose to use provided source content (a poorly constructed PowerPoint presentation), so I had more practice developing eLeanring from content that I didn't create.

After submitting my module, I received peer and coach feedback, then had the opportunity to revise what I developed. I also provided peer feedback to others who were working on their badge at the same time.

The primary focus for this badge was on the technical skills of using Storyline (creating working interactions). This part was not particularly challenging for me, since I have been using Storyline to develop eLearning for several years. I took advantage of using some of the features or interactions that I typically don't use for the projects I develop.

There was also focus on the visual design (contrast, white space, use of fonts), which gave me good incentive to pull out a few books that have been gathering dust and refresh my memory of good design.

covers of two books: Design for how people learn and The non-designer's design book.

The final portion of earning the badge was to receive a storyboard that has all of the instructional design completed and create an eLearning course that matches the specifications of the storyboard. This was a new experience for me, since my work has generally been developing my own designs or updating and enhancing existing legacy courses.