Storyboards and Development Documents

The challenge:
An existing course was developed using Adobe Captivate and required Adobe Flash Player to run. Because Adobe Flash Player would no longer be available after December 2020, the course needed to be converted into a format that did not require Flash. Additionally, the Captivate course was hosted on Canvas LMS, but the course package was separate from the external reading materials, video links, and the My Notes worksheets. Learners complained that it was confusing to navigate between the Captivate course and the LMS to access all of the different course materials.  An additional challenge was that the original source files for the Captivate course were no longer available; the client was unable to update the course content or fix broken links.

While most of the existing content would remain unchanged, I was contracted to develop an updated version of the course that did not require Flash Player. Additionally, I needed to update the look and feel of the course so it was more visually appealing and fit new brand colors and logos, update the narration script, include more learner interactions, and integrate external resources so learners did not need to navigate between the Storyline module and Canvas.

Click the image to view an excerpt from the course storyboard.

The solution:
I developed an updated version of the course using Articulate Storyline. I captured existing screens and narration, along with notes of any animations or interactions; I organized that information in a storyboard template. I worked with the subject matter experts (SMEs) assigned to this course to determine which content needed to remain or be removed, and if any additional content needed to be added. A revised storyboard included the SME changes and my additions or changes to the original script, slide sequences, interactions, or quiz questions.

After approval of the storyboards, I developed the course to meet the specifications of the storyboard. Once the course was completed, a draft of the course was shared for review. After feedback from the review was implemented, a final version of the course and all source files were delivered.