Fire Safety Training

The goal of fire prevention and safety training is to educate employees how to take precautions to prevent and survive potentially harmful fires. It is a proactive method to prevent fire-based emergencies and reduce the damage caused by them. In addition, yearly fire safety training for all employees is a state requirement to maintain facility certification. This fire safety training course was designed to provide healthcare workers annual fire safety compliance training.

I was responsible for the instructional design and eLearning development of the course, using content provided by subject matter experts.

Tools Used

  • Storyline 360
  • Microsoft Word (for project documents)
  • (for branching scenario flow chart)
  • Canva for job aid

Project Features

  • Hotspots
  • Layers
  • States
  • Lightbox slides
  • Drag and Drop Interaction
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Number Variables
  • Branching scenario
  • Voiceover narration with closed captioning