Job Aids & Infographics

Various job aids and infographics were developed to support employees with job tasks or to reinforce training.

This job aid was developed for supervisors to be able to quickly and efficiently address employee performance or behavior concerns using a three-step process. The card was designed to fit in the ID pocket attached to the supervisor's lanyard. This was developed in PowerPoint.

This project management landing page was developed in Canva then saved as a PDF with links that employees could keep on their local drive for quick access. Buttons for each area were linked to internal network folders with templates and other information for each area.

Open the Project Managment Resources PDF  and click the buttons for Business Case and Scope Management for an example of how this worked.


These images were developed for the Arizona Science Teachers Association to include in social media campaigns to raise awareness of the association's educational and position statements. These images were developed using Venngage.