Wild West Jeep Tours

Many applicants at Wild West Jeep Tours enjoy driving Jeeps but do not realize the depth and breadth of knowledge that guides need. This informational video was developed in PowerPoint for potential guides to watch prior to interviewing, ensuring better understanding of the position. In addition to creating the video, I also modified and updated a tour checklist and a training checklist to better reflect the company's current practices and requirements.

Animated video: This marketing video was created to share via social media with the goal of increasing awareness and reservations. It was created using Powtoon.​


Animated PowerPoint: This explainer video was developed to help viewers understand the nature of science and the role of theories in science. The video was a collaborative project involving myself and a member of the team I directed. It was created using PowerPoint and embedding background music and voice over narration.

Animated PowerPoint: This instructional video provides a brief screen capture overview of how to edit images and create animations and transitions in PowerPoint. It was created to show proficiency with PowerPoint, creating screen casts in Articulate 360/Peek, inserting live video and editing it with Replay 360, and editing text reader vocals with Audacity to make them sound slightly less robotic.​

Additional Examples